BEMER as part of Dr. Laura Barry’s Chiropractic Healing Arts

You have the opportunity after each session with Dr. Barry to lay on the BEMER. Not only have your joints, muscles, cranium and whole spine and extremities been released of major tensions and lymph opened up, but now you get to lie down for 8 or 16 minutes while your body tunes its trillions of cells to beneficial frequencies and natural pulsations.

Dr. Laura has been using the BEMER in her office for over nine years. She has personally been using this device at home twice daily for over 9 years with consistent and notable results.

The Sebastopol office is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday (and other days by special appointment) for BEMER sessions.

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Dr. Barry does regular BEMER presentations in her Sebastopol office twice monthly: second and fourth Wednesday at 6pm.

The BEMER treatment room is available for you to experience the BEMER. Call in advance to schedule a time.

The first session is always complementary.  Regular sessions are available in packages of ten in order for your body to realize the microcirculatory benefits.

The BEMER treatment system is the most effective and comprehensively-researched bio-physical treatment modality in the world today that directly affects the smooth muscles within the smallest blood vessels.  It is the only low frequency, low intensity pemf (pulsed elecro-magnetic frequency) device on the market that has over 46 published and proven double blind studies documenting its efficacy.  It is used for helping improve the circulation of the body’s smallest blood vessels and is widely used in over 45 countries by doctors, practitioners, vets, lay people, Olympic and lay sports enthusiasts, etc.

BEMER has a contract with NASA to put the signal in all their space suits. In the U.S., BEMER is currently classified as a Class I (soon to enjoy Class IIa status) health and fitness device, meaning it is safe for everyone.  Widely used throughout Europe, South Africa and Asia as Physical Vascular Therapy, Bemer’s efficacy is due to its positive regulatory and restorative ability to help the body achieve a more optimal flow of blood throughout the body’s tiniest blood vessels.  Millions have been helped to a higher quality of life.

During the past 15 years, there have been 46 publications about BEMER therapy and four scientific studies listed in PubMed.

Just how important is your health when you realize how its optimal functioning can be lost so quickly?

BEMER makes no claims, but offer proven solutions.

BEMER  (Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation) provides the body with a multi-faceted, broadband signal that stimulates the tiniest blood vessels (arterioles) to reinstate a more frequent squeeze/release action that assists the heart in its pumping of nearly 2000 gallons of blood through the system every day.    Just 8 minutes of relaxing on the BEMER mat will open a significant percentage of restricted or disturbed microvessels in the body with high efficiency.   When the microvessels are hereby activated, the improved nourishment of the matrix of tissues in the body are now able to support the important regulatory mechanism of the body’s own healing processes.  Laying on the mat 2 times a day for 8 minutes, and using the night sleep programs are sufficient to improve the organs’ ability to detoxify, thereby offering you increased performance and vitality.  This is great motivation to utilize this  important information technology.   Slow down the aging process and use BEMER.  Be Proactive!

Presentations are in our office twice monthly.  Please ask when the next one is and bring your loved ones.


Microcirculation is the largest (74%) and functionally the most important component of circulation in the human organism. It is active in the fine, extensive network of the smallest blood vessels. Although the human network is considerably more detailed than that of a tree, for example, it is nonetheless a good example for illustrating how important the small vessels are for “on site” supply.

In humans, circulation in the tiniest of vessels, that is, microcirculation, fulfills vital transport requirements: The microcirculation brings oxygen and nutrients to tissue and organs, disposes of metabolic by-products and supports the immune system. A restricted or defective microcirculation results in faster aging of cells and is the cause of a number of health complaints and illnesses.

The Human Organism

The human heart pumps up to 2,000 gallons of blood through our body every day. BEMER technology ensures that the blood and its components can be better distributed.

The human body is the site of 21 sextillion metabolic reactions per second (21,000,000,000,000,000,000,000).  BEMER technology plays a significant role in supporting the flow of these vital processes.

Medical text books describe over 45,000 illnesses worldwide. The implementation of BEMER technology helps to relieve, prevent or cure many illnesses.


Causes of Microcirculatory decline


The functional ability of microcirculation naturally declines with age, but this process is accelerated in many individuals by harmful environmental influences, poor habits and an unhealthy lifestyle. Air pollution, environmental toxins, noise, stress, aggression, depression, lack of sleep and movement, unhealthy or imbalanced diet, nicotine, alcohol or drugs can have an extremely negative influence on microcirculation. The consequences: weakening of the immune system, increased susceptibility to infections, faster aging of cells, diminished resistance to free radicals, reduced performance capacity, health complaints, impaired healing processes in the case of illness and chronic illnesses.


Effects of BEMER

    • Improved blood supply to and detoxification of organs and tissue
    • Support for healing of wounds and sports injuries
    • Support for the immune system
    • Reduced susceptibility to infections
    • Better resistance to free radicals
    • Reduced consequences of stress
    • Increase in performance capacity as well as maximum load intensity
    • Shorter regeneration times in sport training
    • Better effectiveness of training and reduced risk of injury during sport

The Revolutionary Sleep Program

The improved functioning of the body’s regulation and regenerative processes during the sleep phase promoted by the new BEMER technology are of great importance, especially for rehabilitation patients, elderly people or those susceptible to infections.  Recent research results have shown that during the hours of night, the body‘s blood is redistributed.  Consequently, BEMER offers a special signal configuration for sleeping, in addition to the day time programs.

BEMER’s effectiveness during the sleep phase:

    • Reduced susceptibility to infections
    • Increased stimulation of regenerative processes
    • Improved de-acidification of the body

Check Out The Video Below to See How Bemer restores an optimal flow to a slugglish microcirculation: