Services Offered...

Dr. Laura’s services/treatments integrate numerous healing modalities including Network, diversified chiropractic technique, myofascial release work, the Summus Laser (a class IV therapeutic laser) Applied Kinesiology, SacroOccipital Technique, Allergy Testing and Nutritional consulting.

Each of her sessions provide a thorough scope of and release of all fixated joints; release of major connective tissue and myofascial adhesions, along with cranial work and possible use of the Class IV Summus Laser or RitmScenar to alleviate pain and tension.

Pulse balancing and extremity adjusting are part of her treatment plan.  Gentle, non-force techniques are also used when indicated or desired.

Sessions are from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on individual needs. Incorporated into each appointment is a complimentary session with the new generation of BEMER Technology.

  • Applied Kinesiology
  • SOT-Sacral Occipital Technique 
  • BEST Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique
  • Extremity Adjusting 
  • Allergy Clearing
  • Nutritional Consulting Optimal Gut and Brain Health
  • Support for Detoxification Cycles
  • Myofascial Release Work

Cranial Work

Utilizing both Chiropractic, SacroOccipitalTechnique (SOT) Osteopathic, and energetic cranial pulse techniques, Dr. Laura integrates any necessary adjustments to your neck and spine with a combination of these specialized cranial techniques. This takes the stressors off the complex movement of the 22 bones of your cranium, restores a balance to the natural pulsations that allow you to experience a blissful feeling of freedom and flow of energy throughout your body and being, head to toe

Cranial work is definitely a powerful and effective chiropractic tool – not just for headaches, earaches, face pain, jaw pain and neck pain: this type of work restores a sense of well-being and calmness, promoting better brain function, hormonal balance, muscular integrity, better digestion and clearer vision.


Soft Tissue/Myofascial Release Techniques

Having had numerous experiences and trainings over the last 40 years with deep-tissue massage, Therapeutic Touch, Polarity therapy, Bio-Energetic Synchronization, Energy work, as well as with Rolfers and Hellerworkers, Dr. Laura brings an effective skill-set to the table to facillitate the release of connective tissue adhesions from your body.   A good article on fascia and its importance to the whole body and its immune functioning can be found here.

If the tissues are severely twisted, knotted and/or inflamed, the myofascial work may be too painful to release. To help with this, Dr. Laura may use the K-Laser and the SCENAR to alleviate injured or inflamed areas in her sessions with you, depending on what is needed.

The effective use of tools like the Summus Laser, SCENAR, BEMER, Vibracussor, and Arthrostim exist for the comfort and acceleration of your healing process.

Adhesions that build up from injuries, poor posture, effects of gravity, repetitive use, dysfunctions of the joint systems and chronic inflammation eventually affect us all. Their release brings about relief from pain and restores integrity to the total functioning of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system.

SCENAR Technique

The SCENAR (Self-Controlling-Energy-Neuro-Adaptive-Regulator), was invented by the Russians for their space program back in the 1990s so that cosmonauts could go to space and not need drugs or surgery.

Dr. Laura uses this space-age modality to help patients heal faster from injury, and to clear any remaining places in their soft tissue that may still feel congested or stiff from inflammation.

By delivering specific frequencies through an electrode into the transdermal (skin) layer, the SCENAR communicates to the brain via the fascia that envelopes and holds everything in the body together. The brain recognizes small asymmetries in the makeup of the fascia, much like your eye would detect a little run in a nylon stocking. This is communicated to the brain by way of the SCENARS’s electrical frequency signals, which then causes the innate intelligence of the brain to send neuropeptides (small protein-like tiny molecules used by neurons) to the problem area. This causes asymmetries in the fascia to be filled-in with frequencies of healing energy. The experience of stiffness and pain which were experienced moments before the SCENAR treatment remarkably disappears.

Sessions using SCENAR may be 30-75 seconds, a couple of minutes, or even as much as 30 minutes. When your body is free of distracting pains or tensions by providing more voltage to the area, healing happens. And voltage equals healing. Imagine you’ve been experiencing a particular pain or tension in your neck and shoulders for a long time, and nothing has worked to relieve that pain. The SCENAR energy raises the frequencies in the tissues and relieves the stress that has been held there, finally allowing you to feel better… thankfully!

Nutrition and Detoxification Services

Health begins in the gut. Gastrointestinal health has much to do in determining how well our brains and bodies function; hence the adage: “Good Health starts in the colon.”

If you seriously want to stop the inflammation that may have taken hold in your body, resulting in accelerated aging, injury, pain, and dysfunction, then Dr. Laura can help you choose the best supplementations and protocols for restoring integrity and health to the gut and brain. Having participated in numerous trainings on brain and gut health, she is qualified to partner with you in discovering what best works for your lifestyle. This consultation is an hour and will draw on your lab work and history. Follow-ups are a half-hour. Yearly check-ins are recommended for all her patients

When clients visit our office for the first time, they usually just want to get out of pain. Symptomatic relief is usually an easy thing for Dr. Laura to help people experience on the first visit, but the root causes of the pain and dysfunction must be considered in order for lasting healing to happen. How and when did your condition begin in the first place?

Much of the inflammation in our bodies is due to the daily intake of foods and substances that cause negative reactions in the gastrointestinal tract. We know now that virtually all of our chronic diseases (diabetes, MS, Thyroid issues, arthritis, dementia, Parkinson’s, as well as most autoimmune conditions) begin in the gut, known as the second brain. If you are ready to make some bottom line changes in your health, then detoxifying the accumulated toxins, metals, chemicals that have been sprayed on our food and in our environment is essential.

Dr. Laura has been a proponent of GI health since the mid-80’s, fashioning her detox treatment plan after the National Institute of Health NIH President V.E. Irons, and using Applied Kinesiology allergy testing. So much research has been done on the brain/gut axis and autoimmune disorders that everyone, no matter what their level of health is at the moment, needs to consider the effect of diet and nutrition on their health. Through surveying symptoms, analyzing blood work, and muscle testing, Dr. Laura can design a cleansing yet gentle detoxification program that can be implemented easily and effectively. Intestinal cleansing, liver detoxifying and strengthening of specific organ systems, exercise, and selective food choices and deletions are part of her treatment plan.

Ultimately, when you learn what foods you’re ingesting that are silently causing havoc in your body, and apply this knowledge to your daily diet and routine, you will experience being more in control of your health. You have nothing to lose except pain and dysfunction, and everything to gain including more energy and well-being!

Exercise for Optimal Wellness & Rehab

Exercise should be a part of everyone’s wellness lifestyle, yet sadly enough many people live a very sedentary life. Most people think they don’t have time for exercise, but Dr. Laura can help you economize and optimize your spare time in such a way that you can incorporate some type of workout and start feeling better immediately.

If your problem is recovering from an injury, rehabilitation, strengthening, and stretch exercises are demonstrated and prescribed, using either no or light weights, Theraciser® or Thera-Bands®.

Our office has a K1 Noblerex Whole Body Vibration machine that patients are welcome to use to enhance their recovery time. Standing passively on this powerful vibration platform for 10 minutes or less can mobilize lymphatic flow, clear your head, exercise almost all your muscles, and strengthen your core. Whole body vibration machines are used by NASA to keep their astronauts in shape in space.

Blood Chemistry and Functional Medicine

Dr. Laura recognizes that sometimes secondary health assessments are necessary when treating the core pain issues. She will refer patients out to other medical sources for lab work when conditions merit such actions.

Analyzing the blood can reveal dis-eases before they’ve become a severe problem. When an autoimmune dysfunction is suspected, Dr. Laura may refer you to a Functional Medicine doctor whose extensive diagnostic and treatment protocol can dive deeper into renewing a healthy metabolism.

No matter what the issue, Dr. Laura always has your health and concerns top of mind when treating you in her Chiropractic Healing Arts office.

Arthrostim and Vibrocussor

These are some of the tools Dr. Laura may use when treating certain issues. They allow unmoving joints to mobilize and soft tissue to release without brute force.

The Arthrostim emits a gentle but powerful pulsing vibration that can mobilize one specific segment or whole areas of joints in the spine or pelvis without making you move around to get adjusted.

The Vibracussor is both percussive and vibrational, This causes a deeper release of the soft tissue and joint, moving the fascia and inflammatory toxins out through the lymph system.

The immediate result to your body is greater strength, well-being and more freedom of movement.

Dancing, anyone?

BEMER (Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation)


BEMER is Physical Vascular Therapy and is used in over 45 countries by doctors, practitioners, vets, lay people, Olympic and lay sports people, etc.  It has a contract with NASA, too, to put the signal in all their space suits.

BEMER is in the process of getting a final status as a medical device in this country, even though it’s been that way in Europe for over ten years. The research and the signal is what distinguishes BEMER from other devices.

When patients come in for an appointment, BEMER sessions either before or after the treatment are complimentary.  This provides a nurturing and healing finish to each session.

For a 13 minute introduction to “What is BEMER Technology” watch this presentation by acupuncturist Anne Bernard.

Bemer is such a tremendous tool in pain relief and creating a healthy circulation that it deserves its own page on this site.