Some Happy Sebastopol Chiropractic Patients Tell Us...

I have been a patient of Dr. Laura for over 11 years.  She has helped my body in ways the western doctors could not.  I had an unexplained numbness on the left side of my body.  The doctors could not concur what was going on with my body.

After 2 MRI’s the doctors wanted to do a spinal tap.  I decided to go see Dr. Laura.  After 3-4 treatments and the correct supplements for my body the numbness left my body which was due to my liver not functioning correctly and my body being out of alignment.  Now, I see her every six weeks so my body stays together and happy.  My husband and children also come on a regular basis.

Thanks, Dr. Laura!


Laura is one of the best chiropractors that I have ever met and I consider myself fortunate to have her on my personal support team. Not only is she skilled in traditional chiropractic skills, but a visit to Laura also encompasses her use of many other healing modalities including the Bemer, lasers, massage techniques and nutritional supplements.  She is passionate about her work and takes great pleasure at seeing the smiles on her client’s faces as they leave her office feeling so much better then when they arrived. I have used Laura for the past 15 years and highly recommend her to keep yourself vibrant, healthy and attuned.

Robert Bailey

Trial Consultant

I’m amazed and inspired by Dr Barry’s continued work with new technologies that make her healing practice better!

I came to her with “frozen shoulder” syndrome, diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon.

Thanks to Dr. Barry, I had marked pain relief and improved range of motion after one 45 minute session with the K-Laser System.  After three weeks with 1 session per week, I could see continued improvement which allows me to have maximum outcome with my physical therapy exercises.

B. W.

I have used the laser a number of times with Dr. Barry and each time I used it I felt amazing results in the inflammation causing tendinitis in my Achilles and shoulder!

I would highly recommend the laser treatment to anybody with any  type of injury for fast recovery!

After seven months of daily multiple muscle spasms from fracturing my spine in two places, I found almost instant relief from Laura’s “magic laser wand”!

I just recently spent two weeks walking the hilly colonial city of San Miguel Allende, Mexico. No back pain!

Pablo Pires de Almeida

Touring tennis professional (ranked in the top 1000 in the world)

Nothing is more frustrating to an active athlete than an injury.

As a Zumba Instructor and avid runner, I have had several injuries over the past few years each causing acute pain.   Recently, I had a shoulder injury that caused pain in my head, neck, shoulder and back.  Dr. Laura quickly diagnosed the problem and went to work on the affected area with a multi pronged approach to treatment.  She manipulated the ligaments and tendons, adjusted my back, shoulders, neck and body not only to alleviate the pain virtually instantaneously, but also to decrease swelling and inflammation.  Dr. Laura used the latest advances in technology and medical science to ensure rapid and effective results.

She is truly a compassionate healer, taking time out of a busy schedule to fit me in, and later to ensure that I was on the road to recovery.

I am not alone in my endorsement Dr. Laura was voted “Best Chiropractor in Sonoma County” not once but twice!

Amy Stevens

i have been partnering with Dr. Laura for over 14 years in helping people with their neuro-musculoskeletal issues.  I will only refer my clients to a chiropractor if they work with both the soft tissue and extremities.

Laura is one of these, and I’m very picky!

Ed Lark

My experience with Dr Laura

Dr Laura is a dedicated healer with many tools and modalities at her command. She has insight into the human condition and offers suggestions and support not only for the body, but for the mind and spirit as well. I have greatly benefitted from her treatments including skeletal alignment, nutrition, supplements, laser, allergy/inflammation elimination and general health counseling.

I can say without reservation that I am more healthy today at 64 years old than I was 16 years ago when I started treatment with her.

KBA Musician, Sonoma County

Three months ago I broke four bones in my back and separated my shoulder in a cycling accident.  That’s when I was introduced to Laura Barry and the K Laser.

At that time I could barely move.  The K Laser treatments I received from her have had a huge impact on my recovery. She’s the best!