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Dr. Laura Barry

Welcome to Chiropractic Healing Arts


Dr. Laura’s thorough approach to relieving your pain and dysfunction is experienced in the treatment setting with her numerous healing modalities. These include diversified chiropractic technique, myofascial release work, the K-Laser (a class IV therapeutic laser) Applied Kinesiology, SacroOccipitalTechnique, Allergy Testing and Nutritional consulting.

Each of her sessions provide a thorough scope of and release of all fixated joints; release of major connective tissue and myofascial adhesions, along with cranial work and use of the therapeutic Class IV K-Laser (http://www.k-laserusa.com) or Scenar (http://scenarpt.com) to alleviate pain and tension.  Pulse balancing and extremity adjusting are part of her treatment plan.  Non-force techniques are also used when indicated or desired.

Sessions are from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on individual needs. Incorporated into each appointment is a complimentary session with the new generation of BEMER Technology.  (www.bemeramerica.com/healthyself)

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