Sebastopol Chiropractic Healing Arts in California

To bring as thorough and complete a healing experience of harmony and wellness as possible to you by way of 45 years’ skill and experience in the healing arts and sciences, using the knowledge and advanced healing technology that has come my way, I employ numerous techniques and advanced healing technologies that can help you achieve and maintain health and ease as you go through life.  X-Rays are not done in the office, but referred out when needed.

Ongoing support for You and Your Family 

Most of my patients experience a deep moment of total relaxation and exhilaration during our sessions, as the body and nervous system are brought into balance.

Pain and dysfunction affect all of us – old and young alike – as we are afflicted at one time or another with both acute and/or chronic pain.  Children especially can benefit from the holistic care provided in this office.   I will often find imbalances or dysfunctions in the system long before perceived symptoms show up.

Accidents, sports injuries, and the natural aging process – all of these occurrences factor into causing flare-ups of pain in one’s body.  I have numerous tools and techniques for addressing most issues that people present with, which includes a holistic approach.  For example, chronic pain in a thumb joint may be linked to a genetic marker indicating a tendency to certain arthritic conditions, or to dehydration, drinking a lot of coffee and eating bagels and cream cheese every day (basically indiscriminate eating), or to a joint that isn’t moving in your wrist, shoulder, elbow or neck.  Whatever it is, we will find its source and help you as best we can.

Full Spectrum Healing Arts – true diversity

My primary objective is to reach a qualitative breakthrough with each and every patient I see in my practice by utilizing appropriate techniques and methodologies, along with extensive training and hands-on clinical experience. Kinesiology, muscle testing, and energy balancing are also incorporated into my practice.

Recent proven advancements in healing technologies such as BEMER, class IV therapeutic Summus Laser, SCENAR, Applied Kinesiology, and SacroOccipital technique are just a few of the modern day advancements that I, as a diversified and holistic doctor, incorporate into my treatment programs with great success.

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Chiropractic Healing Arts

Dr. Laura Barry - 26

Dr. Laura Barry
– Office Atrium

Dr. Laura Barry is a chiropractor serving patients in the North Bay, including Sebastopol, Sonoma and Marin Counties and the East Bay since 1991.

Dr. Laura was voted Best Chiropractor & Best Holistic Practitioner in Sonoma County two years in a row by readers of the North Bay Bohemian.

Dr. Laura Barry offers holistic treatment for patients who seek healing that is thorough,  profound and lasting. Your desire to heal, along with your unique sensitivities and preferences help us co-create a treatment plan.

The restoration and regulation of your body’s systems is the welcome result we work to achieve.  In addition to Chiropractic, numerous adjunctive therapies are utilized when necessary to clear the neuromusculoskeletal system.



Laura is one of the best chiropractors that I have ever met and I consider myself fortunate to have her on my personal support team. Not only is she skilled in traditional chiropractic skills, but a visit to Laura also encompasses her use of many other healing modalities including the Bemer, lasers, massage techniques and nutritional supplements.

She is passionate about her work and takes great pleasure at seeing the smiles on her clients as they leave her office feeling so much better then when they arrived. I have used Laura for the past 12 years and highly recommend her to keep yourself vibrant, healthy and attuned.

Robert Bailey - Trial Consultant

I’m inspired by Dr Barry’s continued work with new technologies in her practice.

I came to her with “frozen shoulder”, diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon.

I had marked pain relief and improved range of motion after one 45 minute session with the Class 4 K-Laser…

After three weeks with 1 session per week I see continued Improvement which allows me to have maximum my outcome with my physical therapy exercises.

"B. W."

Dr Laura is a dedicated healer with many tools and modalities at her command. She has insight into the human condition and offers suggestions and support not only the body, but for the mind and spirit as well.

I have greatly benefitted from her treatments including skeletal alignment, nutrition, supplements, laser, allergy/inflammation elimination and general health counseling.

I can say without reservation that I am more healthy today at 63 years old than I was 15 years ago when I started treatment with her.

KBA Musician, Sonoma County